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Annual FUAS Video Competition 2017 winner announcement
Julkaistu 1.3.2017
“It is my pleasure to announce the results of the 2016 student video competition in which the invitation was to make a video entitled “MY HEROES”. This task has been difficult due to the outstanding quality of the top five. I want to thank ALL who have participated – I have been deeply impressed with the quality of the videos and the great feelings of enthusiasm which they convey on repeated playing. I am thrilled indeed by what has been submitted, and plan to write to the heads of Universities with an account of the contest and its outcome and invite them to look at the winning entries.
Sometimes there is one clear entrant into a contest like this which strikes all the right notes and praising ALL for great efforts I must award the Number One position to Kristian Muthugalage, a 3rd year Business Administration student from Laurea Tikkurila. This video is visually stunning and has a continuous story line embracing global and universal thoughts and issues and references to the ground breaking work of real heroes of exploration, literature and innovation. Powerful and inspirational – I am using it in my classes in various locations already.
Another participant honoured with a place in the top is Maksim Vinogradov, 2nd year student of HAMK in Mechanical engineering and production technology.
Both Kristian and Maksim will be awarded a trip to Cambridge, UK.
A special recommendation goes to Davletyarov Yedil, a 2nd year student, HAMK, studying in the Automation and Electrical Engineering degree program. Creative, warm and human, expressive.
So for those not making the top three – you are still “winners” – and I thank you for your contribution. To ALL who sent in videos – once again THANKS and please do remain inspired – I wish you all great careers and lives of fulfilment. Plans will be put in place for the two winners to visit Cambridge in the Spring and I am looking forward to welcoming them here.”
-          Professor  Alan Barrell
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